Change Your Mailing Address

How does it work?

When providing us with a change of address, there are two options you can choose from:

  1. All Correspondence
  2. Utility Bill Only

When selecting "All Correspondence", you are instructing us to send any and all correspondence (e.g. Rate Increase Notices, Lien Notices, Miscellaneous Correspondence, etc...) including utility bills to the new address provided.

When selecting "Utility Bill Only", you are instructing us to send only the Utility Bill to the address entered below.  All other correspondence should continue to go to the existing address on file.

If you are selecting "Utility Bill Only", we are required to inform you of the following:

Sacramento County Health and Safety Ordinances governing Utility Billing specify that:

      • Utility charges to all improved property shall be the sole responsibility of the owner of record.  The owner of record is also responsible for providing adequate refuse service for his/her tenant as mandated by ordinance 6.20.
      • We strongly advise that the owner of this parcel receive and pay these charges.  Do not send the billing to a tenant.
      • Unpaid amounts will incur an initial 10% delinquent fee and continued delinquencies will result in an additional 3% delinquent fee being applied to the initial charge.
      • Charges constitute a lien on the parcel.  Accounts which remain unpaid for over 120 days will cause a lien to be recorded at the Sacramento County Clerk-Recorder's office.
      • When the utility account is brought current, a release of lien document will be sent to the owner of record upon request.  The Sacramento County Clerk-Recorder's office will charge the bearer a fee to record the release.
      • Charges which remain delinquent after March 1st may be transferred to the County property tax bill and be assessed an additional 10% penalty.
      • Vacancy credit is prohibited by Health and Safety Ordinances

If you are wanting to change your address to either of the following, or add someone in care of, you should call us at 916-875-5555:

      • APO/FPO address
      • Any foreign address

Log into My Utilities​ to change your mailing address.  Select "My Profile" from the menu bar, then select "Manage Mailing Address".​