Request a Billing History

Missing a bill?  Need the last 12 months for your tax purposes?  Have a dispute regarding your bill?  Request a billing history.

A billing history provides you with:

  • A list of your billed services – Refuse, Sewer, Stormwater Drainage, and/or Water
  • A chronological history – Of the financial activities that have occurred on your account for the period of time requested
  • The periods for the billed amounts – Which are financially broken down by service and presented with the due date.
  • A running balance – which shows you what the balance was on any given date

Review an example of a billing history

How does it work?

When requesting your billing history, we recommend that your date range be a minimum of two months (to insure reportable activity on your account has occurred).  Unless we detect something wrong with your request, you should receive your Billing History within 60 seconds. 
Access the Billing History request form.