Rental Housing - County of Sacramento

To owners of rental property - The Sacramento County is now including the Rental Housing Code Compliance (RHCC) fee as part of the consolidated utility bill. If you have questions regarding this fee, please call 916-875-5555.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a result of the housing ordinance approved on October 12, 1993, all recorded owners of rental property in the unincorporated area are to pay a fee for each fiscal year (July-June). 

In November 2018, the County Board of Supervisors approved a fee increase in the amount of $16.00 per rental unit.

Under the County’s housing ordinance, a regulatory fee is required to finance the County’s state-mandated housing program. Sacramento County Code 16.2​0.400​​ requires that this fee be paid in order for properties to be occupied by tenants.

The financing obtained from the regulatory fee pays for the Rental Housing Inspection Program and Housing Code Compliance Program, which have the responsibility to enforce health and safety codes concerning residential properties within the unincorporated area of the County.

The bill is the responsibility of the owner of record as of January 1 of each year.

The Rental Housing Code Compliance Fee applies to all property owners engaged in the business of renting residential dwelling units. A vacancy credit is prohibited.

The ordinance states the Rental Housing Code Compliance Fee shall be due on January 1, of each year.

However, there is a due date indicated on the bill that represents the last possible day that payment can be received without incurring a late charge.

Charges unpaid at the due date become delinquent, and shall incur a penalty charge of 25%. Any unpaid amounts may be transferred to the Department of Revenue Recovery for other collection efforts.

Because the annual fee is for the purpose of covering costs for the State mandated housing program, the fee can be adjusted each year by resolution of the County Board of Supervisors after a duly noticed public hearing.

Apartments or properties such as duplexes that have multiple units may have one or more units that are not being used for monetary compensation.

If you are being billed for the wrong number of rental units, please fill out this form to make the necessary corrections to rental units and return it with your utility bill payment.